ЯEMS x Ghetto Farceur

Creative self-taught passionate by the power of the image, REMS is moving towards spray paint on wall early 2004 by exploring an innovative way of approaching classic Graffiti, making numerous paintings year after year during the biggest international Festivals Graffiti/StreetArt events.
Worked for Solo/Collective Gallery Exhibitions, Private Companies Design/Events, Art Foundation & Individuals. 

Developing a precise and singular fluorescent universe and practicing a Futuristic Graffiti on large walls wildly driven by the desire to upset the codes of a Graffiti environment sometimes folded in on itself, REMS uses the infinite possibilities offered by the aerosol tool to play with technical limits and exploring new creative processes. Creator of the crew Ghetto Farceur in 2008, it brings together 8 French Graffiti Artists’ spreading an innovative and quirky spirit by traveling and by painting huge complex frescoes, fusions of their contemporary and superboosted surrealist visions.

In 2011 was born the concept Handicapable, in order to shake his certainties and usual creative reflexes, in a particular approach focused on the absurdity of the artistic performance. Alone or during collaboration with other artists on walls & on canvases, he imposes physical constraints on himself such as blind painting, only left hand, tied by a rope on the wrist to his partners, using fire extinguishers, by piercing spraypaint etc..

In 2012, the duo ‘BEMS’ (Rems+Bims) is contacted by Mercedes-Benz in order to create an artistic installation presented for the first time during the Villefranche-sur-Mer Art Fair. Built under the sun of the French Riviera between Mougins & Monaco, the Masterpiece named “Un Pianiste au Volant” merges a Schousen upright Parisian piano from 1856 and many Mercedes-Benz cars parts, forming a RetroFuturist grand piano, mechanical, lyrical and destructured. A work exhibited at the Mercedes-Benz Cannes showroom, then during the Film Festival, Cannes Espace Miramar, and at the Zoraïde Foundation in Roquebrune Cap Martin.

2016. The Japanese contemporary artist and curator Takashi Murakami and Takumi Kaseno from Kaikai Kiki Gallery invited REMS in Japan, in order to curate his Exhibition “NoirFluo” who took place in Tokyo, Hidari Zingaro Gallery. Currently based in Toulouse, he actively continues his wall and plastic exploration shaping the TURFUTUЯ in pursuit of the mysterious Fluo Golden Ratio … 
Actually working on new canvases, walls and clothes.

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